Giving Back

Locker Board and Ocean Unite

Carson started his company, Locker Board, and developed his first product, Streetubez, because of his love for the ocean. He started Locker Board to help pay for his surf lessons and surf contests. He developed Streetubez because he wanted to surf anywhere, anytime. That's why, in 2018, Carson will donate $1 for every Locker Board sold to Ocean Unite. 

The Ocean is everyone's business. In fact, it is probably the biggest business in the world, with an estimated economic output of US$2.5 trillion per year (that's 5% of global GDP).

It also gives us life. It provides half the oxygen we breathe, it has absorbed a quarter of our CO2 emissions, it provides jobs and livelihoods and puts food on our plates.

But it is in danger. You may not be able to see it from above the surface, but the threats are many and the risks are real: plastics are choking our sea life; pollution is causing ‘dead zones’; our corals are dying; climate change is heating our Ocean, making it more acidic; and too many boats are chasing fewer and fewer fish.

Committing to adopt a business model that is both environmentally and socially responsible will have multiple positive effects for the planet, its people and the economy. The private sector has a strong and compelling voice and major reach in terms of its consumers, staff and business partners.

Ocean Unite is a non-profit that is uniting and activating powerful voices for ocean  conservation. That's why Locker Board will be donating $1 for every Locker Board sold to Ocean Unite

Carson Kropfl and Independent Youth Organization

Independent Youth Organization is a non-profit organization through which Carson educates other young people about the joys and challenges of starting a business.  

IYO’s goal is to empower today’s youth to become tomorrow’s business leaders and entrepreneurial innovators. Their mission is to generate entrepreneurial awareness and understanding among youth through an array of educational programs and hands-on experiences.

Visit Locker Board’s event page for Carson’s upcoming speaking engagements with IYO.