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How Locker Board Decks Are Made:

Locker Board skateboard decks are upcycled from 100% recycled maple wood skateboard decks provided by our manufacturer, PS Stix. Thousands of boards are tossed aside by manufacturers each year because of slight blemishes that can occur during the manufacturing process. Carson rescues these boards from landfills. PS Stix reshapes these blemished decks into Locker Board decks, by cutting and sanding out the blemish and applying new Locker Board artwork. Carson leaves a portion of the artwork transparent so you can see the recycled deck underneath, creating a unique skateboard that remind riders how awesome they are for supporting sustainability. Each board is one-of-a-kind!

What does upcycling mean?

Upcycling is when you take an unwanted item and turn it into something of value - which in return, reduces waste from our landfills. 

What size is the standard Locker Board deck?

The standard Locker Board skateboard decks are 17 inches long for the Travel Cruiser and Travel Trickster and 24 inches long for the Shred-it Skateboard. Widths vary depending upon the sustainable deck that we rescued from the landfill. Widths vary between 7.5-inch to 8.5-inch.

How many decks are thrown away each year?

Over 13 million used and new/blemished skateboard decks are thrown away each year in the US!!! Donate your used decks and help reduce waste. The following companies have set up monthly recycling programs to help keep the skateboard decks out of our landfills. 

To donate decks, you can leave them at the following locations:

If you don't live near these locations you can still donate to your local skate shops. A lot of shops have recycling programs set up. You should see all the cool products that people upcycle decks into on Etsy! Or donate to a local woodshop class. It's important to get these 13 million decks out of our landfills!!